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The course will follow me in real time as I choose some PLR, rebrand it, pimp it, recreate it, set up the sale doc, access doc, launch it and mail it.  You get to follow EVERY SINGLE STEP in this exclusive case study.

At the end of the course you get the rights to use my newly created product, that you can list as your own on Warrior Plus.

You can then use the Facebook method to send traffic to the sales page and generate sales from this done for you product.

There are over 10,000 buyers in many of the buyer groups, and so with a limit of 5,000 friends there are more than enough for you to capitalise on this method.  And of course you can use the list that you will be building using the main Intrinsic method.

You will get a copy of my sales doc and access doc as well. So everything is totally done for you.

But most importantly you will have witnessed the whole process, step by step in case study form, and therefore will be able to go out there and do this yourself, at will, as many times as you want!

This is the secret to cracking it in this industry!

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1 – Introduction

A brief introduction to the Intrinsic Masterclass to give you an overview of how this will work

2 – Private Label Rights Product Selection

The first thing we need to do is select a reasonable piece of PLR that we will totally transform and turn into a product worthy of launching on Warrior Plus!


3 – Private Label Rights Product Selection 2

in this video I take a look at the Fiverr video series that caught my eye, and discover that there are a few more Fiverr related products that could be used as bonuses or even OTO’s.

4 – Recap so Far

A quick recap on where we are so far.  You might want to be passive and just watch me throughout this process, or you might want to be creating your own product as we go.  Either is fine, and is YOUR choice.  However, it’s CRUCIAL that you take action at the end of this course, one way or another.

5 – Product Naming

OK so I’ve chosen the Fiverr PLR course that was originally called Fiverr Gold, and in this video I come up with the new name Funerific Fiverr!  I use various methods to brainstorm this, as demonstrated in the video.

6 – Branding

Watch me as I play about with different ideas for the new brand, largely driven by the “funerific” name.  And when you do this process yourself, make sure you don’t get too tied up with it.  Remember, perfection will leave you broke!

7 – Ecover Creation

This is an optional element, but as I create them all the time for my stuff, it wouldn’t be right not to include it.

You can create these for products AND bonuses!  And they will increase the perceived value.

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The Ecover Created in the Training

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1 – Recreating the Content

So you have a couple of choices at this stage.  As it’s PLR you are well within your rights to just rebrand it, whack your name on it and be done.  However, if we want to list it publicly on Warrior Plus (hint: we do) then we should look to completely change the product to the extent that we can claim it as our own original work.

Although we will be using the original content as our “creative template”, and the product may even be fairly close to the original, the fact that we are re-recording the videos for example means it is a brand new and original piece of work.

2 – Creating Your Access Doc

This is where the Intrinsic method really comes into it’s own! 

Because you don’t have to worry about having a domain, a site, hosting, membership software or plugins.  We just use Google docs!

So you have NO excuses for not taking action 🙂 

3 – Recording & Uploading Your Videos

In this video I recap on how I record my videos using Screencast o Matic and how I also use Vimeo to host my videos.

Note:  Vimeo is completely optional.  YouTube Unlisted is perfectly adequate.


4 – Demo of the New Content

So you can see how this is looking, here is one of the new videos from the “Funerific Fiverr” course for you to take a look at.

At this stage I would like to remind you that your are NOT looking for perfection.  Just get recording, and if you’re not entirely happy with the result, by all means re-record it, but please don’t polish the backside off of it! 😉  Take imperfect action!




1 – Creating the Sales Doc

In this video I show you how to create the sales doc, using a copy of the access doc to speed things up.

The sales doc will take the place of a traditional sales page, so you don’t have to have a website for this either.  This also makes it extremely fast and easy to create, and being cloud based (compared to a PDF for example), you can make changes whenever you want!

You can even add scarcity and change it as your mini launch progresses.  For example..ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT or maybe JUST 9 COPIES REMAINING.  



1 – Momentum

Sometimes, well in fact quite often, the hardest thing in this business is taking the first step.  Getting started.  

Think of a snowball at the top of a mountain.  Sitting there, still.  Quiet.

If you give that snowball a little push, and then another, and another, it will begin to roll.

As it rolls down the mountain, it gathers speed and size…and this is your business!  Your earnings will grow once you start to push that snowball.  And in this example, the snowball is you.  You getting started.

So no more excuses!  Let’s get cracking!

2 – Getting the Sales Doc and the Access Doc Ready

Here you’ll see how I take the videos, which I have hosted on YouTube, unlisted, and then paste not only the link, but the thumbnail into the access doc and make them both clickable.

In order to get our mini launch ready to go we only need two pages…the sales page and the download page.  Of course, your pages are actually Google Docs, to keep things super simple.

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3 – Creating Our Product on Warrior Plus

In order for us to be able to generate sales on Warrior Plus we need a product and we need an offer.

The product is created first, and then we create the offer, and link the two together.

Now I used to find this a bit confusing, but you soon get used to it.  If you don’t understand any of the steps, simply go back and watch again.  It gets easier the more times you do it, so go ahead and have a play with it yourself in your own Warrior Plus account.

4 – Creating Our Offer on Warrior Plus

Once we have our product (or products if you are adding upsells/OTOs), we can then create a funnel in what is called an Offer.

Here we simply add the product(s) to the offer and that will then allow us to generate a buy button.



1 – Warrior Plus Offer Final Checks

Here we carry out our final checks before mailing this offer, and I also decided to set it to public to see if I got any extra sales from that.

Now everything is ready to go, all we need to do is mail it.

2 – Conclusion and Your Docs

So now you are ready to rock and roll!

Below are the docs for you to make copies of.  One is the sales doc and the other is the access doc.  The video above explains what changes you need to make, but in a nutshell it’s the buy button links and name on the sales doc and the name on the access doc (unless you want to leave it as me, which is fine)

Remember you must Make a Copy of these docs so you can edit them for your own use.